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Winter Tour in Mongolia

Why you'll love this tour ...


  • Hike in the famous Orkhon Valley (World Heritage) magnified by the winter and deserted by tourists...
  • Discover the traditional life of Mongolian nomads in wintertime, a wonderful human experience.
  • Discover the sand dunes of Bayan Gobi Desert frozen under the snow.
  • Visit Hustai National Park to discover the wild Przewalski horses.
  • The unique experience of travelling in wintertime in Mongolia, a personal challenge you will be proud of.
  • The safety of an experienced team who organizes winter tours in Mongolia each year (see our photo-album)
  • 100% financial guarantee for your tour in Mongolia.

Dates and Rates

From To  Rate /pers.  Status
09/01/2022 18/01/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
16/01/2022 25/01/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
23/01/2022 01/02/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
30/01/2022 08/02/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
06/02/2022 15/02/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
13/02/2022 22/02/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
20/02/2022 01/03/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
27/02/2022 08/03/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
06/03/2022 15/03/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
13/03/2022 22/03/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
20/03/2022 29/03/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
27/03/2022 05/04/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
03/04/2022 12/04/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
10/04/2022 19/04/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
17/04/2022 26/04/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
24/04/2022 03/05/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)
01/05/2022 10/05/2022 1550 € On request
(3 pers. minimum)



Groups of 3 people : + 200 € / pers.
Applies to the 3 first persons booked. When the 4th traveller is booked the supplement is refunded for all persons.


Single room: + 80 € / pers. (2 nights in Ulan Bator only)



Tour and visits as described, treks and hikes as described, full board from dinner of day 1 to breakfast of day 10 except 1 dinner, English speaking translator, Russian 4x4 with driver, financial guarantee of your deposits.



International flights, 1 dinner, drinks except water, tea and coffee, personal expenses, booking fee (15 €/person), travel insurance, visa if necessary.

Mongolia Travel & Tours

Tour itinerary

EXCLUSIVE! This winter tour in Mongolia is not for the faint-hearted!
The weather in Mongolia from November to March is very cold, but also very dry, so you will enjoy the wonder of infinite steppe glittering under a forever blue sky.

Our experienced team will lead you safely through a unique travel and human experience ...

Discover the magic landscapes of Central Mongolia of Orkhon Valley, the dunes of Bayan Gobi desert. You will also search the wild Przewalski horses in Khustai National Park.

The frozen Orkhon Falls, the dunes and the encounter with Przewalski wild horses under the clear blue sky will be a lifetime experience...


Day 1 - Ulan Bator

Arrival at Ulan Bator in the morning.

Your English speaking translator is waiting for you at Ulan Bator airport at the arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually 07:50 or 09:20 am depending on the season) for a grouped transfer. You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight. If you are already in Ulan Bator, you can join the group at 14:00 in the lobby of the hotel.

No lunch included.

Visit of the Gandantegchinlin Monastery.

Shopping at Naran Tuul market to buy the equipment you might need for this winter tour (especially fur hats).

Dinner and night at your hotel in Ulan Bator.

Day 2 - Ulan Bator - Hustai National Park (Przewalski wild horses)

Breakfast, then drive to the Hustai National Park.

Lunch at Hustai yurt camp.

After lunch, we try and find the wild Przewalski's horses as well as the rich wildlife of the Park with our vehicle.

The Hustai yurt (ger) camp has quite modern showers compared to the rest of the country, and even in the heart of winter, you can normally have a hot shower, you should take advantage!

Dinner and overnight at ger (yurt) camp (2 to 4 persons / yurt).

Day 3 - Hustai Park - Karakorum

Breakfast at the yurt camp, then drive to Karakorum (Kharkhorin).

Lunch at Kharkhorin.

Visit of Erdene Zuu Monastery.

Dinner and overnight at a yurt camp (2 to 4 persons / yurt), or with a nomadic family, or in a guesthouse in Kharkhorin depending on the availability (most gercamps / hotels are closed in winter).

Day 4 - Karakorum - Orkhon Valley (nomads)

Breakfast, then drive through the Orkhon Valley.

We are driving slowly on tracks surrounded by the famous landscape of the Orkhon Valley.

In winter, the nomads move their yurts and herds to their wintering sites, a location protected from the winds, the hollow of a valley or near the forest. An enclosure is often arranged to gather the herd and allow the animals to keep warm.

We arrive at the yurts of the nomadic family where we will spend 3 nights on time for lunch.

Dinner and overnight in a guest yurt installed alongside that of our host family (up to 5 persons / yurt).

Days 5 and 6 - Stay with a nomadic family in the Orkhon Valley

During these 2 days, we hike through the wonderful Orkhon Valley.

Every day, we discover a different part of the Valley: the famous Orkhon Falls, frozen by the cold, or a pass from where we enjoy a fantastic view over the valley .... We can drive there with the car, and then walk for short hikes.

The precise itinerary depends on the weather, as the climate can be very challenging in winter. We always keep your safety first.

As it is impossible to stop for a picnic lunch because of the cold, we do not stop during the day, and we have a late lunch in the yurt when we come back to the camp.

Those days are also a wonderful opportunity to discover the traditional way of life of Mongolian nomads: how the whole family copes with winter extreme cold, how babies and children are protected, how they take care of the yaks, horses and sheep herds ...

The nomadic family will take great care of you, as they are very proud to welcome foreign visitors in wintertime. They will keep a fire burning in the stove at night.

Dinners and overnights in a guest yurt installed alongside that of our host family (up to 5 persons / yurt).


Day 7 - Orkhon Valley - Khogno Khan / Bayan Gobi Desert


In the morning, we enjoy our last hours in the beautiful landscapes of the Orkhon Valley.

Lunch with our hosts, and we have to say goodbye to this so nice nomadic family, to drive through the Orkhon valley towards Khogno Khan / Bayan Gobi Park.

Dinner and overnight in a guest yurt installed alongside that of our host family (up to 5 persons / yurt), where we will spend 2 nights.


Day 8 - Camel ride in Bayan Gobi Desert

We spend the full day with our nomadic family in the dramatic scenery of the Bauan Gobi Desert, between cliffs, sand dunes and huge wide spaces.

Camel ride in the dunes of the Bayan Gobi Desert.

Visit of the Ovgon Khiid Monastery, set in a dramatic scenery.

The contrast between the desert dunes and the frozen marshland that borders them is spectacular!

Difficult to imagine that in summertime, this area is a Garden of Eden where nomads often gather their herds in this vast wet plain.

Meals and overnight in a guest yurt installed alongside that of our host family (up to 5 persons / yurt).

Day 9 - Road to Ulan Bator

On the road again to Ulan Bator, through the spectacular landscapes of frozen steppe.

Lunch in a small restaurant on the road.

Arrival in Ulan Bator then visit of the National Museum of Mongolian History.

No dinner included, to let you choose among the varied dining opportunities offered by Ulan Bator.

Night at Dream hotel or similar (2*).

Day 10 - Transfer to Ulan Bator airport

Breakfast and transfer to airport on time for flights departing after 07:00am.

Practical Information

Meeting point:

Day 1: Grouped transfer from Ulan Bator Airport on arrival of Turkish Airlines flight (usually 07:50 or 09:20 am depending on the season). You can book any flight landing before Turkish Airlines flight.
If you are already in Ulan Bator, the meeting point is in the lobby of the hotel at 14:00.
Day 10: Grouped transfer to Ulan Bator airport on time for flights departing after 07:00am.

Language: English speaking translator.

Group size: 2-10 persons.


Due to the winter climate in Mongolia, you will sleep in heated yurts or guesthouses, and in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

With a good personnal equipment, especially a warm down sleeping bag and warm clothes, you will enjoy fully your winter trip in Mongolia.

More information about accommodation during our tours in Mongolia ...

Hiking level

This tour is for fit travellers, as it includes short hikes. We will adapt the treks to the weather conditions.

Physical fitness is required as the average temperatures during the day can go as low as:
-20°C (December / January),
-10° (February)
or -5°C (November / March).
About climate in Mongolia

Tour Reviews

Your travel expert - Sabine

"This tour is each year more popular, as travellers who know Mongolia in summertime are curious to discover it in wintertime. It is a fascinating experience, both for the magic of the glittering landscape, and the incredible life of the nomadic families."


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IMPORTANT - Flights in Mongolia

Be aware that very few airlines go to Mongolia, flights are therefore quickly fully booked, especially between June and September. Book at least 6 months in advance to have the best air fares.
If your luggage has been delayed, the airlines do NOT deliver it in Mongolia, they keep it available in Ulan Bator. If your tour has already started, and you are already in the Orkhon Valley for example, it can be very expensive to deliver it.
We can do it for you at extra cost:
- 50 € for a delivery inside Ulan Bator
- 100 € for a delivery in Hustai
- 200 € for a delivery in Khogno Khan
- 300 € for a delivery in Karakorum, the Orkhon Valley or Arkhangai
- 400 € for a delivery at Lake Khövsgöl or in the Gobi Desert
This cost includes the driver & the vehicle for 1 or 2 days depending on the distance + fuel for the vehicule for the round trip + meals and accommodation for the driver if the roundtrip is more than 1 day.
If your flight is late, the same rates apply if you need a private transfer.